Fire Doors 1 Hour: The Ultimate Guide to FD60 Fire Doors

Fire Doors 1 Hour: The Ultimate Guide to FD60 Fire Doors

Fire doors are an essential part of a building's passive fire protection system, and they can save lives and protect property in the event of a fire. Amongst these, "fire doors 1 hour" or commonly known as FD30 Fire Doors, hold significant importance.

What is a 1 Hour Fire Door?

When we talk about "fire doors 1 hour," we're referring to a fire door that has been designed and tested to resist fire for up to one hour. In industry terms, this is called an FD60 Fire Door. The 'FD' stands for 'Fire Door', and the '60' represents the number of minutes the door is designed to withstand a fire. Despite this, the term '1 hour fire door' is often used interchangeably with FD60 due to the extra safety margin built into the testing process.

Types of 1 Hour Fire Doors

There are a variety of "fire doors 1 hour" available in the market, both internal and external.

Internal 1 Hour Fire Doors

Internal FD60 fire doors are primarily designed to compartmentalize a fire within a building, preventing it from spreading from one room to another for at least 30 minutes (often more). This allows occupants enough time to escape and firefighters to tackle the fire effectively. They are typically used in commercial settings, such as offices, schools, and hospitals, but can also be found in residential buildings.

External 1 Hour Fire Doors

External FD60 fire doors are used as entrance doors in buildings. They provide the same level of protection as internal fire doors but are designed to withstand the elements, making them suitable for outdoor use. These doors are robust, durable, and can help prevent a fire from spreading to neighbouring buildings.

Fire Doors 1 Hour with Vision Panels

For those looking for a bit of aesthetic appeal or functional utility along with safety, 1 hour fire doors can come with vision panels. These are sections of the door made from fire-resistant glass that allow you to see through the door. This can be particularly useful in commercial settings where visibility is important for safety reasons.

However, it's crucial to remember that any vision panels in a 1-hour fire door must be installed correctly and made from fire-resistant glass to ensure they don't compromise the door's fire-resisting capabilities.


"Fire doors 1 hour" or FD60 Fire Doors are an essential aspect of fire safety in buildings. They come in various types, including internal and external options, and can even feature vision panels for added convenience. With their ability to resist fire for up to an hour, they provide a crucial line of defence, helping to protect lives and property. Always ensure that your fire doors are correctly installed and maintained for them to function effectively during a fire.

Remember, when it comes to fire safety, every minute counts!

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