Can I buy used or secondhand FD30 fire doors?

Can I buy used or secondhand FD30 fire doors?

Fire safety is a vital part of any building, and the right fire doors are a significant factor in ensuring that everyone staying in the building is safe in case of a fire outbreak. But, if you plan to purchase fire doors for your building, you may be considering buying used or secondhand FD30 fire doors. It's essential to understand the risks involved in buying used fire doors, and in this blog post, we will explain why you shouldn't risk compromising safety by purchasing secondhand FD30 fire doors.

1. Inferior Quality - When you purchase secondhand fire doors or any other reclaimed building materials, you're relying on the integrity of the previous owner. Secondhand FD30 fire doors may have been installed and removed several times, or they may have undergone wear and tear in the process. The door frame, glass, fittings, and intumescent seals may be damaged, leaving the door to fail in a fire.

2. Safety Standards - For fire doors to meet fire safety requirements, they must conform to strict regulations and be certified to British Standard 476 Part 22. Older secondhand fire doors may not comply with these standards, making them unsuitable for use. Even if the door meets the regulations, the certification may have expired or been invalidated due to damage or modification in previous installations.

3. Unknown History - Secondhand fire doors have no history, so you have no idea how they have been used or if they are still safe to use. You cannot establish if the doors have been exposed to fire already, and this may have weakened the door, causing it to fail in an actual fire event. Also, you wouldn't know the frequency of use, age, or maintenance, and this poses a severe risk in case of a fire outbreak.

4. Insurance Cover - Your insurance company may not cover you for damage or loss due to faulty, secondhand FD30 fire doors. If an insurer finds that the building was fitted with secondhand fire doors, you may be liable for damages or even void your policy. This can be costly, and more importantly, it puts lives at risk.

5. Life-Saving Investment - Investing in a new FD30 fire door may seem costly, but if you consider that it could save your life, the cost is worth it. A fire door that meets fire safety regulations will provide you with peace of mind and guarantee the safety of all who live in and visit the building.

It's never worth risking human life, and used or secondhand FD30 fire doors cannot guarantee the safety that a new fire door can. It's always essential to purchase fire doors from reputable fire door suppliers who will provide you with certified, high-quality doors. Investing in new fire doors will ensure the safety of all who use the building and the mitigation against the risk of damages and liability claims. Need experts to install new FD30 fire doors? Get in touch with us today, and we will provide top-quality fire doors installation services that meet fire safety regulations.