Fire Doors - Internal Fire Doors and FD30 Fire Doors

Fire Doors - Internal Fire Doors and FD30 Fire Doors

Fire doors are an important factor for your home and business when building regulations require you to have a fire door in your flat, hotel or place of work.

The cost of a fire door can vary depending on the type of fire door your require from a standard internal fire door, or a made to measure fire door which supplied to the height and width you require.

Fire Door Delivery Lead Times

Most fire doors are made to order and supplied direct from our fire door suppliers which means the general lead time for you to receive your fire door is 7 to 14 working days. Although some fire doors can arrive within 5 working days, but this depends on the type of door you order.

We deliver our Fire Doors throughout the UK such as fire doors in London and other major cities and towns right through to the Scottish highlands (where able).

FD30 Fire Doors - Fire Rating

The most common fire door is the FD30 fire door range which is a fire door with a fire rating of 30 minutes; FD30 term in basic means the door you buy with this fire rating will provide 30 minutes of fire protection in the event of a fire.

Internal Fire Doors

Internal fire doors are available in a variety of styles and wood types from 4 to 6 panel fire doors to basic plywood doors which are a popular purchased fire door for offices.

Should you require assistance buying a fire door our team with several years experience in the trade are hear to help you with your purchase, and can take large or small orders over the phone.