All You Need to Know About Oak Glazed Fire Doors

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your property, including the people who reside in it, fire safety is a top priority. What better way to ensure your safety than investing in oak glazed fire doors? These doors offer the perfect combination of beauty, high-quality oak finish, and security, all while providing the added safety of fire protection. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about oak glazed fire doors, including the various types of glazing options available to you, and why Fire Door Kingdom is the best choice for purchasing your oak glazed fire doors.

What are Oak Glazed Fire Doors?

Oak glazed fire doors are doors that are constructed with high-quality oak wood and are specifically designed to withstand fire. These doors are made with a reinforced core, allowing the door to stay intact for up to 30 minutes during a fire, providing both safety and protection. The oak finish provides a beautiful and elegant look, making it perfect for any setting, whether it be a residential or commercial property.

Type of Glazing Options for Oak Glazed Fire Doors

There are various types of glazing options available for oak glazed fire doors. These options include clear wired glazing, Georgian wired glazing, and obscure glazing. Clear wired glazing consists of a clear glass with a wire mesh, providing an elegant and traditional look, while also ensuring safety. Georgian wired glazing consists of a diamond-shaped wire lattice work in the glass, which gives a distinctive look. Obscure glazing gives a frosted or smoked glass effect, giving you greater privacy while ensuring safety.

Why Fire Door Kingdom is the Best Choice for Oak Glazed Fire Doors

At Fire Door Kingdom, we take fire safety seriously, which is why we provide some of the best oak glazed fire doors on the market. All of our doors go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet all necessary safety standards, including British Standard BS476 Part 22. Our doors are made with high-quality timber and are built to last, ensuring both safety and longevity. We offer a range of different sizes, designs, and finishes to fit any property's needs, and our glazing options are both safe and stylish.

Benefits of Oak Glazed Fire Doors:

Oak glazed fire doors offer endless benefits, one of the main ones being their safety aspects. With these doors, you can rest easy knowing that in case of a fire, the door will provide adequate protection and can keep the fire contained for up to 30 minutes, allowing emergency services to arrive. These doors also offer sound insulation, making them perfect for high noise environments. Additionally, the oak finish provides a beautiful look, making them a great addition to any property.


Investing in oak glazed fire doors is a wise decision, both in terms of safety and aesthetics, and Fire Door Kingdom is your go-to supplier for all your needs. With a range of different designs, finishes, and glazing options, our doors will meet all your safety requirements while providing a stylish addition to your property. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. Remember, fire safety starts with you!