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Double Fire Doors

24 products

Double fire doors are an ideal choice for those looking for ultimate protection and safety from smoke and flames. These doors have two leaves, which swing in opposite directions, and work together to create a strong airtight seal when they are closed. They are also designed to withstand much higher temperatures than regular fire doors and can provide up to 60 minutes of protection from smoke and flames.

Double Fire Doors Fire Rating FD30 & FD60

At Fire Door Kingdom, we offer these double fire doors as both FD30 and FD60 variants. FD30 double fire door sets provide up to 30 minutes' worth of fire resistance while FD60 double fire door sets can offer up to 60 minutes - perfect for areas where high levels of resilience to smoke and flames is required. All of our double doors come with seals and intumescent strips included and are available in a range of wood finishes, ideal for creating a stylish entrance or exit point.

Double Fire Doors Glazing Options

Double fire doors can come with a variety of glazing options, offering high levels of visibility and protection from smoke and flames. At Fire Door Kingdom, we offer a range of glazing options including single glazed units, double-glazed units, wired glass and fire-resistant polycarbonate. All our glazing meets the highest safety standards and is designed to offer unbeatable protection against fire. In addition to our varied range of glazing options, our double fire doors are also available in a wide range of wood finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect look for your entrance or exit point. We have options to suit every preference from classic oak finishes to modern metallic styles - so whatever look you’re after you’ll find something here at Fire Door Kingdom.

Why buy Double Fire Doors from Fire Door Kingdom?

Fire Door Kingdom is the ideal destination for anyone looking to buy double fire doors. Our team are dedicated to providing a high-quality customer service experience - from expert advice and fast delivery, to our industry-leading price match promise, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. We understand the importance of having reliable products that offer unbeatable protection against smoke and flames - which is why all our double fire doors are tested to the highest standards before they are shipped out to our customers. Plus, we also provide ongoing aftercare services such as maintenance and repair, so you can rest assured that your double fire doors will continue to look their best and offer incredible levels of protection for many years to come.

Double Fire Doors - FAQs

What are double fire doors?
Double fire doors consist of two doors installed together to create a larger opening. They are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Does Fire Door Kingdom supply double fire doors for internal use?
Yes, we provide a wide range of double fire doors for internal use, perfect for commercial and residential properties requiring wider access points.

What are fire rated double doors?
Fire rated double doors are specially designed double doors that can withstand fire for a specified period, helping to protect property and lives during a fire incident.

Do you offer double fire doors with glass at Fire Door Kingdom?
Absolutely, we offer a variety of double fire doors with glass. These doors combine safety with aesthetics, allowing natural light in while providing fire protection.

What are double glazed fire doors?
Double glazed fire doors are fire doors with two layers of glass. This not only enhances fire resistance but also provides better insulation and noise reduction.

Can I get internal double fire doors with glass from Fire Door Kingdom?
Yes, we offer internal double fire doors with glass. These doors provide a balance between fire safety, light transmission, and visual connectivity.

What are double fire exit doors?
Double fire exit doors are specifically designed for emergency exits. They provide a wide opening for quick evacuation during a fire.

Does Fire Door Kingdom provide double fire doors and frames?
Yes, at Fire Door Kingdom, we provide complete solutions, including double fire doors and their corresponding frames to ensure proper fitting and optimal performance.

Are your double fire doors certified?
Yes, all our double fire doors are fully certified and comply with fire safety regulations to ensure the highest level of safety.

How long can your double fire doors resist fire?
The fire resistance of our double fire doors varies based on the specific product, but they typically provide protection from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes.

Can I customize my double fire doors?
Yes, we offer customization options on our double fire doors, including size, color, finish, glazing, and hardware to suit your specific needs.

What materials are used in your double fire doors?
Our double fire doors are made from a variety of high-quality, fire-resistant materials including solid timber, composite materials, and specially treated glass.

How should I maintain my double fire doors?
Regular checks for damage, ensuring the seals are clear of obstructions, and keeping the doors closed when not in use, are all key to maintaining your double fire doors.

Do you offer installation services for double fire doors?
Yes, at Fire Door Kingdom, we offer professional installation services for our double fire doors to ensure they function correctly and provide optimal protection.

Can double fire doors be used in residential properties?
Yes, double fire doors can be used in both residential and commercial settings. They are particularly useful in spaces where larger openings are required for access.


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