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FD30 External Fire Doors and FD60 External Fire Doors

Our FD30 and FD60 External Fire Doors are custom-made in the UK according to the highest fire safety standards. We offer a variety of vision panels and wood finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect door to match your home or business. Each of our fire doors is rigorously tested to ensure safety and quality.

Made to Measure External Fire Doors

We specialize in made to measure External Fire Doors, so you can find the right door for your space. Whether you need an External Fire Doors for your home or business, we provide custom solutions to fit your exact requirements. Our experienced team can provide helpful advice in finding the perfect fire door for your needs.

Price Match Promise for Trade Customers

At Fire Door Kingdom, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality and value. We offer a price match promise against any external fire door competitor, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. We also offer a quote service for trade customers who require tailored External Fire Doors.

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External Fire Door FAQs

What is the purpose of an external fire door?

A fire door is designed to help contain a fire by preventing its spread from one room to another by providing a barrier that can slow the spread of flames and smoke. The door also helps protect people in the building from the dangers of heat, smoke, and flames during a fire.

What is the difference between FD30 External Fire Doors and FD60 External Fire Doors?

FD30 External Fire Doors are designed to resist fire for up to 30 minutes, whereas FD60 External Fire Doors are designed to resist fire for up to 60 minutes.

What is the best material for an external fire door?

The best material for an external fire doors should be one that offers high levels of thermal insulation while also offering a high level of acoustic insulation and resistance to moisture, such as steel or aluminum alloy.

How often should I inspect my external fire door?

It is recommended that you inspect your external fire door at least once a year (or more if there has been heavy use) to ensure it remains in good working order and free from defects which could reduce its ability to provide protection in the event of a fire.

Is it necessary to fit intumescent strips to my external fire doors?

Yes, intumescent strips are essential on any external fire doors as these strips expand when exposed to heat, helping prevent smoke and flame from spreading through gaps around the edges of the door frame.

Do I need special locks for my external fire door?

Yes, certain types of locks are needed for an external fire door, such as panic bars or push bar locks with latch guards which will help ensure that people can quickly exit without having difficulty with keys or handles when faced with a burning building situation.

What kind of glazing material can be used on an external fire door?

When installing glazing on an external fire door, it must be made from ceramic glass which can withstand temperatures over 800°C before breaking down – this will help ensure it does not shatter during a blaze and allow flames or hot gases into other parts of the building while protecting occupants inside against smoke inhalation.

Can I paint my external fire doors?

Yes, but they must be painted with a non-combustible paint so that they do not create fuel sources within themselves if exposed to direct flames during a blaze – oil based paints should not be used as these may combust under extreme conditions associated with fires.

Are there any special regulations regarding installation of exterior doors in buildings near combustible materials ?

Yes - any structures located near combustible materials must have their exterior doors rated as at least FD30 External Fire Doors so that they provide adequate protection against potential fires in their vicinity - this applies both to internal and external structures within range of each other’s combustible sources & materials.

What type of maintenance do I need perform on my FD30/FD60 External Fire Doors ?

Regular maintenance includes checking all components are operational (including seals around doors), replacing hinges & handles as needed & applying additional coatings if required - all these measures helps maintain proper protective performance & integrity at all times , keeping inhabitants safe during emergencies.