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Quality Frames for FD30 and FD60 Fire Doors

Single and Double Fire Door Frames

Our fire door frames are designed to keep your home safe and secure from fire. Our frames are available for FD30 fire doors and FD60 fire doors, providing the highest levels of protection for single and double fire doors. Our frames are crafted with quality materials, providing superior strength and durability to ensure your safety.

Fire Door Frames - Easy Installation

Our fire door frames are designed for easy installation, so you can quickly and easily add them to your home. Our frames come with simple instructions that make it easy for you to get them installed quickly and efficiently. Plus, our frames are designed to fit single and double fire doors, so you can easily find the right frame for your needs.

Fire Door Frames - Quality Craftsmanship

At Fire Door Frames, we take pride in our quality craftsmanship. Our fire door frames are crafted with quality materials to ensure superior strength and durability. We take great care in crafting each frame to ensure that they provide the highest levels of protection and safety for your home.

How to measure for a Fire Door Frame

Measuring for a fire door frame is a crucial task that requires accuracy and attention to detail. Before measuring, it is important to ensure that the door and frame are suitable for fire safety regulations. To measure for a fire door frame, there are a few key steps to follow.

Firstly, measure the height and width of the door opening, and make sure to take into account any irregularities in the shape of the opening. Next, measure the wall thickness to determine the width of the frame required. Don't forget to also measure the depth of the reveal, as this will impact the size of the frame needed.

Once all measurements have been taken, consult industry guidelines or a qualified professional to ensure the right frame is chosen for the job. By following these steps, you can be confident that your fire door frame will be installed correctly and provide the necessary level of safety.

Why Use Should Only Use Fire Door Frames for Fire Doors?

When it comes to fire safety, it's crucial that you take every precaution to protect yourself and others. This includes making sure that your fire doors are properly installed with the right frame. Using a standard door frame instead of a fire door frame can greatly compromise the performance of your fire door during a fire emergency. That's why it's important to know how to measure for a fire door frame.

By measuring properly and choosing the correct frame, you can ensure that your fire door is not only in compliance with safety regulations but also meets the highest standards of fire protection. Remember, fire safety is not something to take lightly, so take the time to make sure your fire doors are properly installed with the right frame.

What is Fire door frame lining?

Fire door frame lining is an essential part of building safety that should never be overlooked. Specifically designed to contain and slow down the spread of fire, these linings are used to line the inside of a fire door frame. Made from materials such as intumescent strips, they expand when exposed to high temperatures, effectively sealing the gap between the door and the frame.

By preventing deadly smoke and toxic fumes from escaping through gaps, fire door frame linings can provide vital time for occupants to evacuate a building in an emergency. Proper installation is key to ensuring their effectiveness, so it is important to seek out professional advice when putting together a fire safety plan.