Double Fire Doors: Essential For Every Commercial Space

When it comes to fire safety, double up! Fire doors are an essential part of any building's passive fire protection systems. They prevent or slow down the spread of fire and smoke, providing precious time for people to evacuate a building safely. Double fire doors, in particular, offer even more protection than regular fire doors. In this blog, we will take you through everything that you need to know about double fire doors. From what they are and their benefits to how they differ from regular doors, we've got you covered. We will also go over UK standard sizes, metric standard sizes, door size conversion charts, glazing options, bespoke options and the best wood options for double fire doors - Walnut and Koto. Keep reading to find out why you need to consider installing double fire doors in your property!

What are Double Fire Doors?

Double fire doors are a pair of doors that offer added fire protection, commonly found in commercial buildings, hospitals, and schools. They have a heat-activated seal to prevent fire spread. Proper installation and maintenance are crucial for their effectiveness during a fire.

Benefits of Double Fire Doors

In addition to providing extra protection against fire, double fire doors can prevent the spread of smoke and flames, making them essential for commercial buildings, hospitals, and schools. Their availability in various materials such as stainless steel or wood veneer allows for bespoke double fire doors that complement any building design. Moreover, they improve building security and comply with building codes' requirements for certain types of buildings.

Double Fire Doors vs. Regular Doors

In case of a fire emergency, having double fire doors can provide superior protection compared to regular doors. These doors have better insulation, seals, and gaskets that comply with local building codes for fire safety. By investing in double fire doors made of walnut or koto wood veneer, you can add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your space without compromising on safety. When selecting double fire doors, it's important to consider factors like door frame, hinges, lever, and thickness as they influence their overall performance.

UK Standard Sizes for Double Fire Doors

It's essential to understand the significance of double fire doors and how they prevent fire from spreading in a building. Knowledge of UK standards for double doors- their dimensions and ratings- is also necessary when selecting an appropriate one. Other factors include following building codes & regulations while investing in high-quality bespoke veneered double doors with free delivery options available online or by contacting our sales team via email or browser. Our door leafs are available in walnut veneer or Koto plywood with stainless steel hinges & lever handles as standard features or aluminium frames at an additional charge. Remember that intumescent strips & intumescent door seals are mandatory requirements for certification by authorities.

Metric Standard Sizes for Double Fire Doors

In terms of double fire doors, it is essential to keep in mind that metric standard sizes may differ depending on geographical location. Thus, choosing the appropriate size based on local regulations and building requirements is crucial. Equally important is considering the door material since this impacts durability and efficiency during a crisis. Double fire doors are an excellent investment that enhances safety while offering added protection against potential hazards. (67 words)

Fire Door Standard Sizes for Double Fire Doors

Standard sizes for Double Fire Doors vary based on occupancy type, building type, and local regulations. Manufacturers provide a wide range of standard sizes for Double Fire Doors that meet various building requirements. Proper operation and sealing require a gap between each door leaf of 3-4mm. Adhering to these guidelines ensures maximum effectiveness in containing fire within the area protected by the doors.

Door Size Conversion Chart for Double Fire Doors

Choosing the right door size for your fire-rated double doors is crucial. Consider factors like standard sizes based on location and building codes, doorway size, occupancy type, and building type before making a decision. Don't forget to leave a gap of 3-4mm between each door leaf for smooth operation.

Double Fire Door Glazing Options

Enhanced protection against heat and flames is offered by double doors made from different types of glazing such as wired or tempered glass. This makes them an essential safety feature for commercial buildings and public spaces where safety is essential. The thickness of the glass varies to match the degree of required resistance against fires.

Bespoke Double Fire Doors

Bespoke double doors are perfect for those who need a tailored solution. Our bespoke double fire doors come in various materials and veneers, such as walnut and koto. You can choose the size and thickness of your door, along with options for glazing and certification. We offer free delivery on orders to UK mainland addresses. The door leaf is fitted with hinges and a lever handle, while the door frame is supplied with intumescent strips to help prevent the spread of fire.

Best Wood for Double Fire Doors - Walnut and Koto

For those seeking the ultimate combination of safety and style in their door frames, look no further than bespoke double fire doors. Made from beautiful walnut or koto veneers and certified for up to 60 minute fire ratings, these doors will provide both peace of mind and a stunning design statement. Additionally,

hinges and lever handles can be crafted from durable stainless steel or aluminium while intumescent strips offer an extra layer of protection. With free delivery available across the UK mainland via courier or door-to-door sales team delivery options, these double doors truly have it all.



Double fire doors are an essential safety feature that should be installed in all buildings. They provide increased protection against the spread of fire and smoke, giving occupants more time to evacuate safely. Double fire doors are designed to meet strict safety standards and regulations, ensuring maximum protection for you and your property. With various sizes, glazing options, and bespoke designs available, there is a double fire door solution for every building. Walnut and Koto are the best woods for double fire doors, providing both strength and style. Don't compromise on safety - invest in double fire doors today.


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