Fire Door FAQs

What type of paint or treatment should I use on my door?
The choice of door paint or treatment depends on the finish that you require. There are many different types of varnish or paint available we would recommend a good brand of paint or stain you dont need to use fire resistant paint or stain on our doors. Which are suitable for use. We strongly advise using solvent based products which provide a full and complete seal. The use of water based treatments should be avoided. If in doubt, please call us for advice on 0330335012.

Can I use an external door internally?
It is not advised for external timber doors to be used inside a building. External doors are manufactured using timber which has a higher moisture content than that used internally. Exposing quality external doors to arid centrally heated conditions risks them becoming warped or deformed. They also tend to be thicker than internal doors so may not fit a standard internal door frame.

How are Fire Door Kingdom doors constructed?
An assortment of materials and construction methods are utilised throughout our door ranges from our suppliers. All materials used in door construction are wood based but most are commonly ‘engineered’. This means that the materials have been made from different raw timbers to form composite timber components.

High density chipboard, block timber, laminates and fibreboards are all commonly used within our doors. In general, this means that the raw material is managed more efficiently to produce better stability and affordability.

Can Fire Door Kingdom Doors be modified?
In a word No you are able to trim fire doors buy 3mm on each side and 6mm from the bottom edge nothing can be trimmed for the op edge this is were the certification label or plug will be. However, should radical resizing be required some of our door ranges are available with a bespoke size option.

Do you have showroom?
Our website is our fantastic showroom you dont even need to leave your Kingdom (Home) to see our fantastic range of Fire doors.

Do you sell glazed fire doors?
Yes, many of our door ranges offer a glazed fire door option please see our fire door with glass section if you dont see the style you would like please complete our online contact us form with details of your enquiry.

Can I choose a different timber veneer?
Our Fire Door Kingdom Doors are available in many different veneers Many of our door designs are available in alternative veneers and finishes through our Bespoke door service.

How do I measure up for a fire door?
We have all the instructions to measure up for a new door in a step by step guide on our website how to measure for a new door.

How do I fit a fire door?
Fitting a door can be more complicated than it sounds and we would always advise seeking a professional to do it. It’s a skilled trade and a requirement that a competent fitter is used to fit a fire door.

Do I need to buy door handles and hinges?
Yes you do. Fire Door Kingdom Doors are not sold with handles, hinges, latches or locks (often known as door furniture or ironmongery) so don’t forget to choose these vital parts they need to be CE marked to achieve the correct fire rating see our fire rated ironmongery in our Door Furniture section.

Can I get a stylish fire door for my home?
Absolutely! There’s a common misconception that a fire door means one of those green doors with a bar to push to let you out. This does not need to be the case in your home you can even have a fire door with glass that can match flush doors.

Internal fire resistant doors are commonly known as FD30, which mean that they are fire doors that are tested to last 30 minutes against the heat and flames. If you are looking to purchase a fire door then you need to make sure that it’s up to scratch.

It’s important that if you are buying a fire door, that you get it fitted by a qualified professional. If you’d don’t, you risk the fire door not performing properly.

What are door 'finishes' and which one is right for me?
The finish of a door refers to the door’s surface and there are three types that you can consider: pre-finished, unfinished and primed.

A pre-finished door will be ready to fit complete with either a varnish or paint finish. If you are considering a wooden door there really is a wealth of options available to you, due to the variety of veneers. Oak, Walnut, Ash and Beech are just a few examples or you could opt for a contemporary painted finish.

A primed finish is where a door has been prepared with an undercoat ready for a top coat finish of your choice. It may be that you’re keen to apply your own finish to tailor your door to your design theme.

Unfinished doors are prepared ready for your choice of paint or varnish. One of the rewards for your labour will be that your door can match your colour scheme. Just remember that you’ll need to budget for the purchase of your chosen paint and varnish.

I don't understand a door-related term. How can I find out what it means?
You should be able to find the answer in our online glossary. If you can’t find it then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 03301335012 or with your question.

What is the thickness of the veneer used on your internal doors?
At Fire Door Kingdom, our internal doors have a veneer thickness of between 0.5mm and 0.6mm, depending on which of our doors it is.

How much can a door be reduced by?
As the construction of each door design will vary, it very much depends on the specific door. There are also special rules and regulations relating to the modification of Fire Doors, as the type of certification a fire door has dictates what changes can be made to the door. Contact our Sales Team on 01283 554 197 if you’d like guidance on specific door ranges and models.

Are your doors available in unusual sizes?
At Fire Door Kingdom we can make special sized doors to order this is known as Bespoke or made to measure for more details or give our Sales Team a call on 03301335012 or email at

Can your internal doors be made into a pair / rebated?
Taking two of our single internal doors and making them into a pair is not recomended with all of our internal doors. When fitting fire doors into pairs they have to have the certifcation as a pair, we also router and provide intumescent center seals on our double doors.

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