FD30 Fire Doors

When looking for a fire door the most common fire door purchased in a FD30 fire door which is available in a variety wood finishes.

The abbreviation code of FD30 means that a fire door will withstand a fire for 30 minutes

i.e. FD meaning Fire Door and 30 meaning 30 minutes.

It seem strange to explain this, but if you're not a facilities manager, fire safety office or property developer working in the construction industry you may be unaware of the codes meaning other than being told you need an FD30 fire door

FD30 Fire Doors with Glass

FD30 fire doors have the option of glazing finishes which in basic terms means FD30 fire doors with glazing (glass) options. There is a variety of glass options available and porthole glass options are becoming more popular for a more stylish FD30 fire door, especially in restaurant kitchens and hotels. 

FD30 Door Types

FD30 fire doors are available as internal fire doors and external fire doors with glazing options already mentioned. There is also a variety of finishes available with plywood FD30 fire doors being a popular choice for many customers buying an FD30 door

FD30 Fire Doors Made to Measure

Many fire doors are set to stand sizes when you purchase a FD30 door online, but sometimes customers require FD30 fire doors with bespoke sizes. Bespoke FD30 doors that are made to measure is an available option with most fire doors made to order taking up-to 14 days to deliver as they're made to order 

FD30 Fire Door Quotes

If you can't find the FD30 fire door you're looking for online, or need a quote for FD30 fire doors. our experienced sales team is on hand to assist you.


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