Keep Your Building Safe with Door Fire Exit

Different Types of Door Fire Exits and Fire Exit Door Burn Times

FD30 and FD60 Door Fire Exit

Fire doors are a must-have for any building, ensuring that your space is safe and secure in the event of a fire. Door Fire exits are rated according to the length of time they can withstand the effects of fire and heat, the FD30 and FD60 being the two most common. Fire doors rated FD30 are designed to withstand fire for up to 30 minutes, while FD60 fire doors are designed to withstand fire for up to 60 minutes.

Different Uses for Door Fire Exits

Door Fire exits can be used in a variety of settings from commercial businesses such as shops, restaurants and offices to residential buildings such as homes and flats. In each setting, door fire exits are essential to help keep people safe in the event of a fire. Fire exit doors help to slow the spread of fire and smoke, allowing more people to quickly and safely exit the building.

What to Consider Before Buying Your Door Fire Exit

When buying your door fire exit, there are a few important things to consider. Make sure to check the fire door rating and ensure that the door meets the minimum standards required. Additionally, make sure the door is correctly installed so that it can effectively provide the protection it is designed for.

Finally, look for fire doors that have been tested and certified by a reputable third party. These measures will ensure that your fire door is up to the task of keeping your building safe in the event of a fire.


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