Made to Measure Fire Doors

Fire Door Kingdom now has a range of bespoke made to measure fire door options for your home and business. Our customers can now provide and select their made to measure door options on our made to measure fire door product pages, or call our sales team direct who will take your order over the phone.

Ordering Your Made to Measure Fire Door

Our made to measure fire door range allows our customers to specify the size of the door required, and then select the required door finishes and glazing options.

Made to measure fire doors as single or double doors are available with FD30 or FD60 minute fire ratings and optional pre-fit rebated seals. Our product page for made to measure doors has been designed to be simple and user friendly, all you need to do is enter your measurements and then select your door finish and glazing options.

Tip: Measuring for Made to Measure Bespoke Fire Doors

When measuring for a bespoke fire door take three measurements inside the door frame at the top, middle and bottom with the largest of the three is your door width.

Take two further measurements on the inside of the vertical frame again for the door height, one either side remember to allow for any floor covering then measure the door thickness if you are keeping the frames you have and measure the rebate in the frame were the door sits when shut most standard door widths are 35mm or 40mm and if they are 44mm they will be fire doors.

Stand door heights are normally 6’6”/1981mm but some may also be 2040mm

Standard door widths can be 24 inches/610 mm, 27 inches/686 mm, 30 inches/762 mm, 33 inches/838 mm.

Delivery Lead Times of Made to Measure Fire Doors

Our average delivery lead time for made to measure fire doors is 7 to 10 working days. The lead times is longer than standard fire doors as the doors are made to order and the process of making your door to your requirements takes longer.

Should you need your Fire Door sooner we may be able to see if our door suppliers have the compacity made your door sooner and will happily ask that question for you if your requirement is urgent.

Made to Measure Door Sales Advise

If you prefer to speak to a Fire Door expert before placing your made to measure fire door our sales team are available by calling 0330 1335012 or using contact form below.

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