Made to Measure Fire Doors FAQs

What are Made to Measure Fire Doors?

What is a made-to-measure fire door?

A made-to-measure fire door is a specially crafted and customised door designed to the user’s specific needs and measurements. This type of fire door offers maximum protection from fire, smoke, heat and noise, and can be made from a variety of materials such as steel, timber or composite.

Who should use made-to-measure fire doors?

Made-to-measure fire doors are ideal for any customer looking for a bespoke solution for their property ranging from domestic to commercial applications. They provide peace of mind knowing that all safety regulations are met, while also offering the flexibility to match the look and style required by the property owner.

What material types are available with made-to-measure fire doors?

At Fire Door Kingdom we offer an extensive range of material options including timber and composite in various finishes such as laminate or veneer. We also offer a number of glazing solutions such as glass panels or wired/frosted glass inserts allowing you to customise your door design further.

Are there different performance standards when it comes to made-to measure fire doors?

Yes, depending on the application you require; our team at Fire Door Kingdom will advise you on the most suitable FD30 or FD60 rated performance standard for your particular needs.

How much do made-to measure fire doors cost?

The cost of this type of fire door depends on various factors such as size, material used, performance rating and additional features (such as glazing). We offer competitive prices and always provide customers with a price match promise so you can be sure that you are getting the best deal available.

How do I measure my doorway for a made to measure fire door ?

When measuring your doorway first check that no existing structures such as wall cavities or skirting boards obstruct any part of the doorway; if they do these will need to be removed before measurements can be taken accurately. Remember to always make allowances for hinges when taking dimension readings (this is usually 3mm per hinge). Contact us at Fire Door Kingdom for more detailed measuring guidelines if needed.

What kind of accessories can I have fitted with my Made to Measure Fire Door?

For extra security you could opt for an intumescent seal set which works by expanding in high temperatures and filling space around your door frame; other popular options include handles & locks in various styles & finishes, letterplates & pull handles etc…

"How long will it take until I get my Made To Measure Fire Door delivered?"

Our delivery times vary depending on factors such as production lead time (which includes bespoke fabrication) plus other factors such as stock availability etc... Contact us at Fire Door Kingdom directly for up to date delivery estimates in your area today!

Can I fit my own Made To Measure Fire Doors?

Yes although we do recommend contacting an experienced professional installer who can ensure correct fitting according to local regulations; this will help protect yourself & others against injury or any potential legal implications resulting from incorrect installation/usage etc..

What aftercare is recommended for Made To Measure Fire Doors?

We recommend carrying out regular testing/inspection checks on your new made-to measure fire doors using specialised equipment (at least every 6 months). Any repairs required should only be carried out by qualified professionals who understand local regulations correctly; contact us here at Fire Door Kingdom if you need advice about maintenance issues related with this product range…

Are Made To Measure Doors guaranteed?

Yes we offer a 1 year guarantee with all our products regardless of usage frequency – terms & conditions may apply so please contact us at Fire Door Kingdom directly (or read our full guarantee policy online ) if you require more information regarding warranties related with these type of products…

Do I need Building Control approval when installing Made To Measure Fire Doors?

Depending on where you live certain building control requirements may apply regarding installation/usage etc… always consult an experienced professional who will be able advise whether approvals are necessary in order comply with applicable legislation regulations covering this product range in your particular area

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