Dorgard Fire Door Hold Open Device

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Fire Door Kingdom Fire Doors
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Internal Door
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Product Description

Dorgard fire door holders are designed to keep fire doors safely and legally open using the onboard battery powered technology.

Available in Black Red and White

Installed at the bottom of your fire door, the inconspicuous Dorgard door holder is ideal for installation in a variety of premises including offices, schools, churches, colleges, health practices etc. Enabling you to conform to the Equality Act 2010, the Dorgard door holder, also called fire door retainer, is designed to both improve access for users through fire doors and to provide a legal and safe solution to holding open fire doors.
The Dorgard has the CE mark and complies to EN 1155 and BS 7273-4 "Standard" category and is accepted by UK fire services. The Dorgard is manufactured in the UK to the highest standard.
Using wireless acoustic monitoring technology, Dorgard automatically release the rubber keep-foot upon recognising the sound of a fire alarm. This closes the fire door and maintains the fire integrity within your premises. With a simple 4x screw installation, the Dorgard fire door holder is a quick and reliable solution to retaining fire doors.